February 02, 2008

afternoon tea

Alright, I know, this isn't strictly about food, ...........but it is about another passion of mine, anything vintage or kitsch! I just couldn't resist posting about my newest find whilst out trawling the bric-a brac markets this afternoon.Yes, I love food, but there's also something wonderful about wandering among the glittering stalls, and rifling through boxes full of faded newspaper in the hope of an unexpected hoard!

Today, I was lucky, and found this dainty silver spoon with it's delicate handle all twisted and ending in a scrolled heart. It may not be everyone's cup of tea (sorry, couldn't resist it!) but as I searched amongst the detritus of cast off, worn, and dulled cutlery in an old basket, I found it at the bottom waiting for me, and I think it's beautiful!


nicisme said...

Your cutlery is gorgeous, as are your photos! And your cupcakes look so light and fluffy, I'm licking my lips here. I'll look forward to many more of your beautiful creations.

Pixie said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog; I'm loving all these lovely sweets particularly the cupcakes! I'm a huge vintage lover as well and am always seeking out gems at charity shops.