March 29, 2008

click!......there was life before the food processor

As you have probably already guessed, I have a passion for all things vintage! As a natural result of this, together with my love of food, a collection of vintage cooking utensils has evolved, and yes.....I do use them!

There's a wonderful connection about using something that's worn with an age of producing countless meals and feasts. Food, after all, is probably one of the most basic sustenances of life, and there is something very special about preparing and providing food for people you love. As you handle these cherished living pieces of history you can almost feel all the love and energy that's gone into all the things it's ever made, and you can't help but imagine what these might have the case of this pastry blender; sunday tea-time scones, quiches and flans for summer picnics, or maybe sweet fruit tartlets for a special treat.

"Indeed, pastry is one of the most important branches of the culinary science. It unceasingly occupies itself with ministering pleasure to the sight as well as to the taste; with erecting graceful monuments, miniature fortresses, and all kinds of architectural imitations, composed of the sweetest and most agreeable products of all climates and countries." (Mrs Beeton from 'Mrs Beetons' Book of Household Management')

So, although this post isn't linked with a recipe this time, I thought it was time to remind ourselves that there was life before the food-processor! Not that I'm saying that it doesn't have it's advantages, but sometimes it's good to get back to the basics and really get in touch, and 'up close and personal' with the food that we're making.

As Mrs Beeton said "It must be remembered that..[the kitchen].. is the great laboratory of every household, and that much of the “weal or woe,” as far as regards bodily health, depends upon the nature of the preparations concocted within its walls."

Mrs B would be so proud!

This is my entry for this month's Click! event at Jugalbandi


Carolyn said...

What an amazing implement. I don't have any vintage implements but I do have 5 volumes of the Master Baker printed in the 1930s that belonged to my Grandfather.

LyB said...

Beautiful! Both the photo and the pastry blender! What a great entry!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this excellent post and for participating in click. -j

gringogidget said...

I find it humorous you call this a vintage blender. :) I actually prefer making pie crust with this tool to a blender. I recently gave my blender away because I never use it. Beautiful vintage find!~

Pixie said...

Hi Alfie, Lovely photograph and entry. I agree, sometimes, it's just best to be more hands on with food.

nicisme said...

That's interesting, and another great photo!

Alfie said...

Thanks everyone!