June 22, 2008

isn't life great!

It seems like I haven't posted anything in ages - and I'm getting withdrawl symptoms!!

The thing is, life has got really hectic lately; with my daughters home fom Uni now for the summer there's been lots of catching up to do, and family time, before they're off again! Then, at the same time B and I have been engrossed in buying a run-down Victorian house to do up, with all of the running around that that entails.....(I'm hoping to post more about that later)..... and......our lovely ginger fluffball of a cat, Willow, produced four beautiful kittys last Saturday night.

So, life is wonderful, and trying to fit it all in to just 24 hours a day (let alone go to work!) is great fun!

I apologise that I haven't had time to visit all your lovely blogs either for a while - but I'll soon be back in the swing, I'm sure; not too much time for 'creative' baking at the moment, although B did get a lemon meringue cake for his birthday last week, but it got demolished before I could photograph it! Still I'll be back very soon...
Take care, Alfie


Angela said...

Oh Alfie, how adorable those kittens are. You certainly have a lot to keep you occupied, look forward to more posts in the future.

LyB said...

Enjoy all your fun activities, then come back and tell us all about it! Oh, and those kittens are the cutest ever! :)

nicisme said...

Awww, how cute are those little kitties!
Glad to hear you are keeping busy, can't wait to see some photos of your new project!

Sophie said...

Hi Alfie :),

Thanks for letting us know you'll be participating in this month's berry recipe contest :D. Please don't hesitate to email me at sophiekiblogger@gmail.com if you have anymore questions!

P.S. That kitty picture is so adorable!

KI Chief Blogger

Elle said...

Oh my gosh, they are the cutest things! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Fishy! said...

Those kittens are adorable!
(I just stumbled across your blog randomly, couldn't resist slotting in a comment- I am a huge cat lover.)