August 08, 2010

fresh peach and blackberry muffins

Following on from my foray with the summer berries and loaf cake, I'm continuing with a bit of a Summer theme.....this time with peach and blackberry muffins. It's not quite blackberry season yet so I did 'cheat' a bit and used frozen blackberries, and they turned out just fine!

...slightly crunchy on top, very fluffy inside and not too sweet, with mouthfuls of fruit that burst through the soft sugary vanilla cakiness.....

I've been searching for some good muffin recipes lately, and this one Strawberry Muffins was one I came across on the Australian website I did tweak it a bit, just because I can't leave anything alone!!

So, here's my version of the recipe - with tweaks - although, as you can see from the comments on the original recipe, this is a very forgiving mixture so you can be inspired to add 'tweaks' of your own! Happy baking!

Fresh Peach and Blackberry Muffins
Recipe (by Alfie)
400g self-raising flour
175g unrefined caster sugar
250g mixed peaches (cut into small chunks) and blackberries
2 eggs
300mls buttermilk
80g melted butter
3 tsps good vanilla extract

set oven to 190 / Gas 5 and put your prettiest muffin cases in to a 12 hole muffin tin

mix together all of the dry ingredients, and then stir in the fruit

mix together all of the wet ingredients

quickly add the liquid to the dry ingredients and mix lightly until it just comes together - it's important not too over- mix if you want light fluffy muffins!

fill muffin cases almost to the top and then bake in the centre of the oven until they are golden and firm to the touch - about 30-35 minutes

leave to cool in tin for about 10 minutes just to allow them to firm up a little, and then cool on a cooling rack

perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast, tea-time treat - or just because!.....


Choclette said...

These look delicious indeed and a lovely colour combination. I'm an inveterate tweaker too, I like to kid myself it's a sign of a real cook!

Alfie said...

Thanks Choclette - and I think 'tweaking' is most definitely the sign of a real cook :)

Abby said...

So pretty, and peaches and blackberries are my favorite fruits! These would be lovely for a brunch because of the great pops of color.

Edible Art said...

oh my gosh!
these are beautiful !

i gotta say.. ive never had a peach muffin before, but they look delicious, haha makes perfect sense!

anyway, id love to see more, and ill def follow & become a regular at your blog,
id appreciate it if you could do the same (: