April 24, 2012

april showers and chocolate mousse!

Another blustery wet April afternoon sent me to the kitchen in search of comfort . . .  . .and I found it in the form of Chocolate Mousse!

I've had this recipe from the amazing blog My New Roots earmarked for quite a while, and today seemed like just the perfect day for something indulgent. But, what makes this even better is that it's made from avocado and dates so it's actually good for you too!

 . . . and, it tastes amazing!

I've been aware of vegan/raw alternatives for Chocolate Mousse for a while, in terms of getting the chocolate hit without all the heavy dairy. Although I wasn't quite convinced that it really would taste like the real thing.

I can tell you, it tastes even better! Smooth and creamy, super chocolatey and it leaves you feeling great. Plus it's all good - avocado, dates, cocoa, honey - and topped off with some chopped pecans for a bit of added crunch.

Amazing Chocolate Mousse
( adapted slightly from My New Roots)

2 ripe avocados
6 dried dates - soaked to soften
1-2 Tbsp honey
1 Tbsp good quality cocoa powder

Scoop the flesh from the avocado into a blender - add all the other ingredients and whizz everything to a smooth paste.

Pile into serving dish and dust with some crunchy chopped nuts and you're good to go!

“Every tear is answered by a blossom,
Every sigh with songs and laughter blent,
April-blooms upon the breezes toss them.
April knows her own, and is content.” 

 - Susan Coolidge -


amy lucinda said...

Wow- can you really make chocolate mousse with avocado?? I will have to give that a go- I absolutely love avocados but I never thought of using them in that way!

Chocolate Hampers said...

What an amazing recipe. Who would have thought of using avacados & dates with chocolate? Not only yummy but actually good for you as well. I must try these.

Flori said...

Just by watching your pictures I get hungry!