June 23, 2013


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gentle winds stirring through seasoned branches,
 verdant and unyielding, 
sharp mineral smell of rain on the gentle air
softly cloaking my shoulders; 
thoughtful, quiet; 
grateful for all that I am blessed with . . .

peaceful thoughts to nourish the soul . . . gentle food to nourish the body: we become what we are made of

Super Simple Superfruit Smoothie


1 cup fresh (or frozen) mixed summer berries
2 juicy nectarines - roughly chopped
1 cup fresh spinach leaves
juice of half a lemon
2 cups water
2 teaspoons ground flax seeds
a few coconut flakes to decorate 


  • blitz all of the ingredients except coconut flakes together in blender / smoothie maker until completely smooth
  • adjust with more water if needed to get the consistency you prefer
relax and enjoy :)

 . . . and maybe listen to a little Holden - Renata (Daphni remix)

note: if you like things a little sweeter add some honey/agave nectar, or replace nectarines with banana - although doing this will mean it isn't suitable for food combining

There are lots of theories and diets surrounding the idea of 'healthy' eating - it can be very confusing, but I definitely feel better and more energetic when I eat food that's as close to nature as possible (organic and non-processed), that's mostly alkaline forming (check out a list of alkaline foods on this wonderful blog by The Alkaline Sisters, a large proportion of raw food, and in a beneficial combination that works with my body rather than against it!:

mostly veg and fruits (lots of variety and lots of greens!)
nuts and seeds
eggs and fish 
and lots of water - here's why!

it really doesn't have to be complicated - but it does have to be packed with flavour and delicious :))

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