April 02, 2008

'curiosity cola'

Another lunch-time jaunt to our favourite haunt, at our local Deli....Barrington's. (Crumbs that's almost poetic! )

I love just whiling away the time over lunch, or a coffee, sat at the bistro-style tables, whilst all around is fabulous food of all descriptions; local cheeses, speciality foods and drinks, sauces and pastas, and sweet things, and, of course, my favourite deli counter with the fabulous flans and colourful salads.
Today, while trying to choose which gastronomic delight to indulge in this time, I spied sitting in the chiller cabinet this fabulous little bottle. Straight away I loved the label and the name 'Curiosity Cola' - I had to have it!

I'm a real sucker for anything 'traditional' that keeps alive old methods and is well made. Fentimans Curiosity Cola is part of a range of beverages that are the result of a time honoured process of botanical brewing. As they say 'Colas originated from apothecaries and were heralded as elixirs with health enhancing properties. Legislation now prevents producers from making wondrous claims about the medicinal properties of their drinks, but believe our cola to be somewhat curious through the inclusion of Catuaba & Guarana extracts.'

Well... I can't tell you what it tastes like because I can't bring myself to open it yet - it looks so charming just sat on the kitchen shelf!

So today, I got two treats; lunch and a new 'trouvee' to admire. It really is the little things in life and the serendipity of it all that I love...


Chris said...

For what it's worth, the "healthy properties" that made colas "elixirs" was typically cocaine. Which would definitely perk you up, even in small quantities and get rid of those pesky headaches.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love Fentiman's. The twistable bottle top is great fun.

When you do open it, you'll wonder why in the world you kept it bottled up for so long.

If it weren't so expensive, and full of sugar, I'd buy it more often, but since you need a reference, it tastes and smells just like those little gummy cola bottles.

Great Blog.

Angela said...

The bottle looks great, I too would not be wanting to open it, but at the same time keen to taste it! Oh what a decision.

Alfie said...

Thanks everyone for your comments

Chris - Hmmm - think I'll stick to the aspirin! :o)

gkb - thanks for letting me know about the taste, sounds great. I really must get some more and open it!

Angela - I know - decisions decisions...but it looks so pretty!

nicisme said...

I would have had to have opened it up by now. Go on... I dare you!

Alfie said...

Well Nic - that sounds like a challenge! I might dip out and buy another bottle though :o)

LyB said...

So cute that you bought it because of the label! Reminds me of when I used to by (cheap) perfume bottles because I liked their shape! Do let us know, if you open it, what it tastes like. ;)

Jj said...

Wow, that is fascinating. Never heard of these little tidbits regarding cola before.

I don't know if I'd want to open it either, as it truly is a sight to behold! But if you buy another and try it, please do review!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it tastes exactly like fizzy cola bottles.